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the lvl of detail in the face is awesome

Stopsignal responds:

Thank a lot, kind person! Indeed, the face was one of the more fun parts to draw. It did take a whole drawing session, however!

I havnt played in a while but last time i checked this skin didnt exist...if it doesnt OMG why_! its awesome really really nice drawing

Volarberg responds:

It's in the game now for sure. Thank you btw!

This is the kind of character i wish had some background history. Its pretty and nicely done

Rose25xx responds:

Thanks, and she does have some background history, here: http://rose15xx.deviantart.com/art/OC-Natsumi-597694832 if you're interested.

holy....really nice

RadiBits responds:

Thank you!

Cant say i know the actual character. But ur draw is pretty good. There are litle details here and there that avoid it being perfect )the legs for instance) but i like it.

HanterSaffron responds:

Thanks, I was actually working on this for such a long time in the day that by the time I finished it I was so sleepy that I didn't notice.
btw this character is a vocaloid.

yikes...thats dangerous. The arms seems weird, they looksmaller, probably cause u tryed to make then look far. but i like how u made "the hunter" it seems threatheing and mortal

HenLP responds:

Red Riding Hood from Endling's Ever After.

Not sure if the image is upside down... but those colors are so alive... really nice image

AntonOxenuk responds:

Yeah she's falling into the body of water. I turned it upside down so we can see her better. Thank you!

HOOOLLLLLYYY CRAP!...nice..not much else to say about it. Basically flawless

....nicee, u evenmade diferent kinds of chocolate in the box...try to find any error or mistake and cant find any. maybe a lilmore shadows and it would be really perfect

Xsplosive responds:

Thanks pal! I wouldn't say perfect, but I really appreciate it!

the colloring is really nice, and the eyes and shadows are amazing. Maybe th ebody is a lil. weird, but really nice draw

Arcticfox223 responds:


Found this place and i pretend to stay here. Also if u like my art please check out my instagram and devian art

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