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Awesomely made....its been years since i saw an rpg that was this fun. The training minigames are adictive as hell and is pretty fucl of litle details. If it had a litle bg history it would be literally PERFECT. Hope to see a game like this soon, take care and keep doing a great job.... btw when your computer is slow as mine th eminigames can become heeellll

I just dont getwhy this aint on the top scores. Its amazingly fun combating in this rpg, but making a nicecombat didnt avid you makign customizable characters ad a nice historyline. Hope to see a sequel or a new version of this game when posible.

RockLou responds:

Thank you! The game was buggy at release and some people still get a lot of lag while playing.

All rigth... was more entertaining that the last one... good hidin place for the rocket btw

wow... that was deep.... i seriouslly cant decide wich decitions are good or bad here,,,,

pretty intense feeling game, a piece of art i would call it, reall ynice job

Ill try not to be an ass here.... so ill start apologysing myself for whats next

I KNOW its a flash game and it is inteded in this case to be silly and comic.... yet i think you overdid it a bit.

The art is..almsot as awfull as an stickman game( some of those at least have some background images) i mean whith just like 10 secs you could have avoid them all having blurry dead eyes...

the history is crappy (as you described yourself) yet i gotta admit i laughted every few seconds.

the background music was gonna make me comiy suicide...so freaking repetitive and out of context whith the actions...

About the "minigames"....they are fine, since they are not minigames but scenes...yet i warn you the matches box have a bug...i literally moved the match backwards to see if it turned on and it did...not sure if you wanna fix that
anyway i hope not to offend you and i encourage you to kee this saga..just polish it a litle..please!

really entertaining game...actually i had to look for the comci after playing it. Kinda easy if you ask me i ended up 15 best player ever on my first try. Anyway nice tower defense, nice animation, nice enemies, nice traps and basically nice game,

Lets see.... you took my favorite anime/manga and made it a dating sim.... thank you a lot mate(not sarcasm).

The minigames are nice excepting some bugs and hte act they become really easy whith a lil time.

The dating system is really nice and the fact you cant give the same gift twice its just magnificent.

The history is nice, you kinda follow the original (not that it is really necesary) but i think if you could see the calendar maybe if you had more events or maybe just making them more compelex or umpredictable would make the gameplay a lot better. If you want to see some reference i think you could see the last version of sim girls, since your style reminded me a lot of that game before it was finished (wish took yeears).

About the sexual part, some people have told you and i agree that you should make it diferent for each girl so you give us a motive to get them all (gota catch them all!).

The artwork isnt good or bad, i know not much of programming but i guess the animations may take a while and a lot of effort. Anyway i think if you upgraded the animations it would make a huge difference.

Overall one of the nices games i have played here and i hope to see more of your work soon, sorry if i was too hard on you but it is just because i see so much potential in this game....

well finally here, it seems. You said i was gonna enjoy the fifth one, and you were right. The fact i thas 2 endings and a lot more interaction and character development makes this the best one in the saga for me.mAlso for being a 1st season player of lol i know the characters and im surprised you made sejuani have a sweet heart and a femenine side, i kinda dislike the summoner tough.....

anyway nice job and i hope to see your next job, you are getting better at this and this will become a really nice game

this game got a 4...lets see if you can get a 5 star next game

Ferdafs responds:

I certainly hope so! Thank you!

Not sure if im lucky or you just reapired the game i foudn not bugs at all. I like the art work you make and for being a barricade/shooter i think it is a nice work. The survivors do actually help a lot saving your butt and the barricades arent decoration.

but... i think the dificultty curve is a litle hardcore... lvl 3 "meh zombies are noobs...lvl 4:

survivor;"believe me mate you are wanting a bigger gun"

anyway i didnt gave you 4 and a half stars because i dont see any history line, wich would made this game so freaking awesome, since with this situation you could do really big things developing characters...if they had any personality. Keep your hard work and i hope to see a nice 5th part

pd: when i saw the litle girls whith flowers all i was thinking was : "god help us all"

interesting game, loved the soundtrack, tough i had some problems starting the game

PhatBoiJ responds:

Yeah I have to find a way to make that more clear.

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