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Total Medals Earned: 114 (From 34 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,850 Points

The West Wing: Night one

Medals Earned: 7/9 (185/200 points)

Dissection is fun 5 Points

Bad Ending 4

Got the Munchies 5 Points

Bad Ending 2

I’m not paid enough 5 Points

Bad Ending 1

Silence is golden 10 Points


Spiders don’t scare me 10 Points

are'nt you tough.

What’s next? 50 Points

Night One Clear! Thanks for playing.

Boo to you 100 Points

Bad Ending 5

Look ma, I’m an owl! 5 Points

Bad Ending 3

Bull in a china shop 10 Points

i know what your thinking O_O,

Trigger Knight

Medals Earned: 5/5 (115/115 points)

Sharpenin'! 5 Points

Get Level 3 Weapon

Grasping the Mechanics 10 Points

Score 1.000.000 or more!

Dragonslayer 25 Points

Slay a Dragon!

Uberslash 25 Points

Score 75.000 damage or more!

Game Completed! 50 Points

Get 100% Game Completion

Valthirian Arc

Medals Earned: 5/10 (45/220 points)

Growing School 5 Points

Have a total of 10 students *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Excabearer 10 Points

Reach Exca-Grade weapon *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Full-Fledged 10 Points

Reach Grade 30 Student *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Hunting Lesson 10 Points

Do 10 hunt quests *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Kind-hearted Principal 10 Points

Do 10 errand quests *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

30th Alumnus 25 Points

Graduate 30 students *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Class of Champions 25 Points

Win 10 tournaments *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Steady Income 25 Points

Reach 600G/Week income *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Apprentice Buster 50 Points

Kill the Apprentice *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

Perfect Career 50 Points

Finish Year 1 Perfectly *MUST BE IN HARD MODE*

World's End Chapter 1

Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/360 points)

Payment in Blood 5 Points

Defeat 25 enemies.

Deplorable Elevation 5 Points

Use the elevator.

Blasphemous Errand 10 Points

Defeat Otis.

Class and Refinement 10 Points

Defeat Zofia.

Murderous Rampage 10 Points

Defeat 50 enemies.

So Many Highs Left Unattained 10 Points

Defeat Boris.

What Were A Boss? 10 Points

Defeat Laszlo.

Calculated Indifference 25 Points

Learn all of Ivan's skills.

Crossing the Threshold 25 Points

Complete the game.

Delayed Retirement 25 Points

Learn all of Casimir's skills.

Into the Chasm of Enlightenment 25 Points

Learn all of Tevoran's skills.

Petulant Frenzy 25 Points

Learn all of Ysabel's skills.

Questionable Victory 25 Points

Achieve 8 flawless victories.

Relics Unveiled 25 Points

Find all secrets.

Skeetlings To The Four Breezes 25 Points

Learn all of Vadim's skills.

Strong Like Ox 25 Points

Learn all of Oksana's skills.

Unprecedented Violence 25 Points

Defeat every enemy.

Boundless Cunning 50 Points

Achieve flawless victories in every battle.